Grace Christian Fellowship

The Congregation

  • Lori Cerce

    Lori Cerce Lori works in the Stepping into the Light ministry with her husband John, and she has a career in banking, bookkeeping, and administrative technical specialist. She and John have two sons, Joseph and Nick, and have been members of the GCF family since 2007. At GCF, Lori sees the love and concern that each brother and sister in the Lord have for one another.

  • Jean Malafronte

    Jean Malafronte Jean has attended GCF since 2004, and she has a career in business continuity / disaster recovery. She works in the tape & CD ministry, and she is responsible for the ministry’s weekly written messages. Jean has been blessed by GCF because, “I know from Scripture that God loves and accepts me just as I am. My family at GCF is a living example of this truth.”
  • Cindy Dillon

    Cindy Dillon Cindy has a career as a utility clerk in various administrative support roles, and has been with GCF since 2004. She is involved in several ministries, including the tape & CD ministry, and working with Jean Malafronte on the weekly written messages. She also teaches in the Prep School and takes part in the New Youth in Christ children’s ministry. As part of the GCF family, Cindy especially enjoys fellowshipping as a body of believers and worshipping the Lord through Gospel music and praise.
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