Grace Christian Fellowship

Church Elders

  • John A. Ricci

    John A. Ricci John has preached the Word of God and served the ministry as a pastor since the church first opened its doors in 2000. He is also a member of the body of elders, and shares in the responsibilities of church leadership. Pastor John is a graduate of Freelandia Bible College, and he has a son named Jonathan. And what he appreciates most about the Christian family at GCF is their sincere desire for the Word of Grace, and the down-to-earth attitude and love for the Body of Christ.
  • Michael Izzi

    Michael Izzi Mike has been a friend of Pastor John for many years, and it was through their efforts that the GCF ministry was founded in 2000. They have been laboring together in the ministry since GCF opened its doors. Mike continues to serve the ministry in many capacities, including the leadership responsibilities of a church elder. Mike has a career with the Post Office.
  • Craig DiPetrillo

    Craig DiPetrillo Craig has been with GCF from the beginning and a close friend of Pastor John’s since he was a child. Craig now serves the church in a leadership role as an elder. He has labored extensively in building and improving many facets of the church, including the website and media ministries. Craig attends GCF with his wife Rebecca, and their two boys. Craig has a career in business.

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