Grace Christian Fellowship


  • Elders

    In Acts 20:28, the Apostle Paul exhorts the elders at the church of Ephesus to feed the church of God, since they are the overseers of the flock. In accordance with this Biblical form of church order, GCF is governed by a body of elders who share the responsibilities of church leadership and administration. Pastor John Ricci is currently the primary teacher of the Word, although any elder can share from the Scriptures with the congregation. 
  • Deacons

    In Acts 6:1-6, the elders of the church were having difficulty meeting all the practical logistical needs of the congregation, while at the same time fulfilling their ministry of teaching the Word and prayer. They therefore instructed the congregation to choose faithful men who could tend to their physical needs. Men who serve the church in this particular role are known as deacons. 
  • Ministry Assistants

    The congregation of GCF is also active in Christian service and ministry. Many GCF members provide leadership and support for various outreach ministries, Bible study program, and special church events.