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  • We now have an archived list of recorded messages going back to 2001, containing many hours of in-depth Bible study. These Bible classes cover numerous subjects, including salvation, grace, the Cross, the righteousness of God, God’s eternal purpose, spirituality, Christian growth, church order, and prophecy, as well as the history of the Bible and the Church. Verse-by-verse studies of particular books are also now available, such as the prophet Amos and the epistle to the Galatians.

    The majority of the preaching is from Pastor John Ricci, and classes from other teachers are recorded here as well. These include sermons by Pastor John’s brother Bob Ricci, communion services conducted by elders such as Bill Sousa, Mike Izzi, and Craig DiPetrillo, and classes on Bible and church history and other subjects by Louis DeBoer and other speakers. We encourage you to make use of these archives as you continue to search the Scriptures and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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    11/19/2017 Eternal Punishment The testimony of the rich man in hell. Pastor John
    11/15/2017 Special Message The account of Jesus' visit to Mary & Martha's house. Pastor John
    11/12/2017 Eternal Punishment The account of the rich man and Lazarus. Pastor John
    11/8/2017 The Conflict of the Ages The opening of the seals - Part 2. The trumpet judgments. Pastor John
    11/5/2017 Eternal Punishment God's justice must punish sin for those who reject the free gift of salvation thru His Son Jesus Christ. Pastor John
    11/1/2017 The Conflict of the Ages The timing of the rapture. The "great tribulation" is Satan's time of wrath against believers. The opening of the seals. Pastor John
    10/29/2017 Eternal Punishment God's grace & love and the Cross of Christ to deliver us from God's wrath and eternal punishment. Pastor John
    10/27/2017 Special Message The journey thru the storms of life, thru the water and thru the fire. John Cerce
    10/25/2017 The Conflict of the Ages Be not deceived by the timing of the rapture. The Abomination of Desolation. Pastor John
    10/22/2017 Divine Providence God's Divine Providence thru Paul & Silas' undeserved suffering to be a blessing to others. The Philippian Jailer. Pastor John
    10/18/2017 The Conflict of the Ages The timing of the "rapture" - the resurrection of the saints (believers in the Lord Jesus Christ). Pastor John
    10/15/2017 Divine Providence God closes some doors to open other doors in our life thru His Divine Providence. Part 2. Nehemiah. Pastor John
    10/11/2017 The Conflict of the Ages The church will go through persecution of antichrist. Pastor John
    10/8/2017 Divine Providence God closes some doors to open other doors in our life thru His Divine Providence. Pastor John
    10/4/2017 The Conflict of the Ages The mystery of iniquity leads to the worship of the beast; the antichrist with lying signs and wonders. Pastor John
    10/1/2017 Divine Providence Opportunities presented to us by God to faithfully serve Him & receive blessing & promotion thru His Divine Providence. Pastor John
    9/29/2017 Special Message The power of God through prayer that changes our life. John Cerce
    9/27/2017 The Conflict of the Ages Satan's attempt to destroy the human gene pool and his failed use of Nimrod to establish the first One World Order. Pastor John
    9/24/2017 Assurance of Salvation In His divine providence, God will separate us from people & associations that will hinder us from advancing & fulfilling His plan for our life. Pastor John
    9/20/2017 The Conflict of the Ages Understanding the term "sons of God", angelic beings, which cohabitated with the daughters of men. Pastor John